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5 Unexpected Inexpensive Gifts Kids Will Love

May 11, 2018

5 Unexpected Inexpensive Gifts

Shopping for children keeps becoming more difficult. Often expensive gadgets and electronics are among the most talked about gifts items for kids of all ages. That doesn’t leave much room for anyone who is more budget conscious. This can make shopping huge challenge if you aren’t sure which specific toys the child already has or wants.


Sometimes the cost isn’t even the issue. It’s nice to have different items to give kids that aren’t about the expense. These can make great rewards for good behaviour, rather than simply major occasions.


  1. Garden

Growing things can be a great project for kids. A plot of land in the yard would work but so could a few planters outside or a small herb garden in a window. These can give kids a sense of pride as their plants grow. Whether the children are inspired to be interested in gardens by their love of their PETER RABBIT™ toys or a desire to understand science and the natural world, gardens can provide hours of fun. They are particularly great for future chefs who want to learn how to grow their own recipe ingredients.


  1. Box

It’s a classic for a reason – kids do love cardboard boxes. Typically, we think of toddlers playing with the box instead of the toy that was inside. The love of boxes doesn’t stop there, however. Look for large boxes from refrigerators or other major appliances. These can provide endless options for children’s play. From a club house to a castle, it can become a great play area for kids and allow them to make the most of their imaginations. 


  1. Storage

It may not seem like fun but kids can be excited about having more places to put their stuff. Bookcases, rolling bins, under the bed storage, or even shoeboxes can be fun ways for children to tuck away their belongings or special treasures. Even a boring little box can be decorated by kids with a little paint or stickers to become a happy addition to the child’s room.


  1. Reading

There is probably no gift that pays off over the life of a child like the gift of reading. Developing good reading skills and a love for books will enable children to visit imaginary worlds, learn new things, or make connections to other people and places. Reading to a child or listening to them read is always a great gift.


Consider giving children library cards once they are old enough to check out books on their own. E-books can be the perfect way for kids to have access to books, even if they don’t live near a public library. A kid-friendly e-reader and a library card could give the children endless hours of enjoyment. If a library card isn’t an option, consider signing them up for an online subscription to borrow electronic books.


  1. Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to customise any room. Even painting a single feature wall can make a dramatic difference in a child’s room. Updating the paint on the furniture in the room is another option. These make painting a great gift for children of all ages that you can all enjoy together.


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