An elephant never forgets but do you remember your favourite childhood toy?

October 20, 2017

An elephant never forgets but do you remember your  favourite childhood toy?

They say an elephant never forgets, but what about a child when it comes to its favourite toy? Cast your mind back to when you were a little one. Can you remember your most loved toy? Was it a stuffed animal, a cuddly bear or something else? Either way, we bet you can remember everything about it – from its look and feel, to its smell and maybe even taste (well, you know what kids are like!). 

The point is you remember, and with just some of the newest products in its Jungle Friends range from Baby GUND, just like an elephant, your little one is bound to never forget these toys, providing hugs which quite literally last a lifetime.

Each product within the Jungle Friends range features the cartoon characteristics of an adorable elephant. With super soft fabric in a soft blue-grey hue through to its oh-so-cute facial features including a sweet little trunk and big ears too, these toys are perfect babies and toddlers, keeping their hands busy and minds active.

The elephant of the Jungle Friends range is available to buy as a soft toy, a rattle or as a puppet which also doubles up as a comforter. Retailing between £18.00 and £6.95, you really can’t afford to not make these sweet little friends a feature of baby’s nursey! Don’t forget (just like an elephant…) all products within the Jungle Friends range are suitable for new borns and growing children too, while the plush soft toys are machine washable and also CE marked.

But of course, when it comes to elephants and never forgetting, we’re certainly leaving the best ‘til last, and this little guy is sure to make a lasting impression on your little one and you…

Flappy is an animated elephant that not only will keep your kids entertained while helping them to develop motor skills along with a sense of rhythm and rhyme, but the whole family is sure to fall in love with this exclusive baby toy, available only from GUND.

When you press Flappy’s left foot, his ears move to play peek-a-boo, encouraging your little ones to get involved with the game.  Then, if you press his right foot, he sings the well-known song (how could anyone ever forget it?) Do Your Ears Hang Low while moving his ears and body in time to the music to help bring the lyrics to life.

A sure-fire hit with all the family, Flappy has just been shorted listed in the Best Baby Toy category in the Made for Mums Awards – watch this space.  With Flappy’s growing fame, he isn’t going to stay in stock for long, and can be ordered directly from the GUND website for just £42.00.

3 AA batteries are included with Flappy. He suitable for children from 10 months, is surface washable and CE marked.

So, what are you waiting for? Just as an elephant never forgets, your child will always remember their favourite toy.  Take Flappy and some of the gang from the Jungle Friends range home today and start making memories (as well as enjoying cuddles) that last a lifetime.

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