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Best Ways to Get Baby Giggling

January 01, 2018

Baby soft toys get baby giggling

Who doesn’t love a laughing baby? There is no better sound that the sound of your baby giggling. Their ringing laughter brightens up their whole face whilst instantly improving your day. Wish you could hear your baby’s beautiful giggle more often? Here are some of the best ways to get your baby giggling:


Play Peekaboo

Babies love to play peekaboo with the people they love! Not only does it make them giggle, it also introduces the concept that Mummy and Daddy may go away, but they will also come back again. This is also a great way to use baby soft toy gifts, and introduce baby to their new cuddly companions. They may even form an attachment to a favourite toy by playing peekaboo with it!


As well as playing peekaboo with your hands, why not try using a small piece of fabric or blanket and making your baby disappear? The look of shock and delight on your face when they reappear is sure to make baby giggle with glee!


Tickle Time!

Some babies are extremely ticklish! When your baby is stripped down for bath time or because they are having their nappies changed, why not try tickling under their arms, their feet, or their inner thighs? You may well be rewarded with an outburst of uncontrollable giggles!


Blow Raspberries

The sound of blowing raspberries is funny, and children find it even more amusing us grownups. Giggles are almost guaranteed!


Lift up your baby’s vest, widen your eyes and then with a great big smile begin blowing on their belly: the bigger and noisier your raspberry sounds the better! Relax and enjoy the process and watch as the baby belly laughs roll out. Laugh along too: by showing your baby what happy faces looking like and introducing them to the joy of laughter, they will learn how to replicate this and laugh more frequently themselves.


Time for Eskimo Kisses

Eskimo kisses (or should they be called Inuit kisses?) involve rubbing your nose against your baby’s whilst you smile and look into each other’s eyes.


Your baby thinks that you are the most beautiful and fascinating person in the world, so they will love the closeness that comes from sharing these special and intimate moments together, and they will probably giggle with delight at the thought of being so close to you. If not, why not introduce some funny faces to this new rubbing and kissing game? No baby can resist the sight of their parents sticking their tongue out and pulling new alien faces they’ve never seen before!


Laugh Together

Finally, laughter is highly contagious. If you’re laughing then your baby will probably laugh along too – even if they don’t get the joke. It’s likely that your baby will laugh when everyone else in the room is laughing. And If you’re home alone and want to hear that magical laugh then why not try watching a funny movie together and giggling away. It’s sure to be the highlight of your day!

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