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Dear Santa… our Christmas gift guide for babies, teens and tweens

November 11, 2020

Peyton the perfect gift for the little ones

Christmas comes but once a year and the festive season is most certainly rattling rapidly towards us and this year, we want to help you make it even more special! So, if you’re still being a busy little elf, scratching your head wondering what to buy for the special people in your life, we’ve come up with the perfect gift guide to help you out.

 Read on to find out about the presents that are bound to create a whole host of ooooohs and ahhhhhs come Christmas morning…

 Best for Babies:

 Are you celebrating your first Christmas with a little one in your life? While they may be too small to make sense of Santa Claus, that doesn’t mean they won’t fall in love with these gorgeous gifts underneath the tree!


Take a look at our Sleepy Seas Light and Sound Whale. This is the perfect companion for little ones who may need an extra buddy when they go to bed.

With oh-so-soft light blue fabric, blue ribbon "water" spurting from it's cuddly head and a friendly, smiley face, it is just begging to be hugged.

Press the musical note on the right fin and you will hear one of five different noises; Ocean Magic, soothing Ocean Whale Sounds, Brahm's Lullaby, Bubbles or Ocean White Noise. 

Not only does the whale play music music, a soft, relaxing light emits from it's cheeks, creating a warm, safe space for little ones to drift off to dreamland. It does such a good job, it has been shortlisted for the Made For Mums Toy Awards and went on to win Silver at the UK Mums TV Mums Choice Awards.

Best of all, each tune lasts for 20 minutes before it automatically switches off to ensure a long lasting battery life. It's also suitable from birth, surface washable and 3AA batteries are included so playtime can start straight away.


Terrific for Toddlers:

Looking for a little something for the toddlers in your family that will keep them entertained for hours on end this Christmas? Look no further…

Flappy the Animated Elephant has been a big hit every festive season and it’s not hard to see why. Adorably cute, he helps your little ones to develop their motor skills along with a sense of rhythm and rhyme. Not only do toddlers love Flappy, but the whole family is sure to fall in love with him too this Christmas.

When you press Flappy’s left foot, his ears move to play peek-a-boo, encouraging your little ones to get involved with the game. Then, if you press his right foot, he sings the well-known song (how could anyone ever forget it?) Do Your Ears Hang Low, while moving his ears and body in time to the music to help bring the lyrics to life.

Or maybe you would prefer an animal a little closer to home? Well then Flora the animated bunny is the one for you. She does everything that Flappy can do but in a cute white bunny body.

 And we all know that sinking feeling of hunting for batteries on Christmas morning to help bring animated toys bursting into life – you’re sure you had some somewhere at the back of the kitchen drawer!? Well worry not - 3 AA batteries are included with Flappy and Flora too.

 A sure-fire hit with all the family, Flappy won the coveted title of Editor’s Choice in the Best Baby Toy category in the Made for Mums Awards. Flora has also been shortlisted in the Made for Mums Awards as well as getting to the final of the Progressive Preschool Awards.

With Flappy and Flora’s growing fame, they aren’t going to stay in stock for long, so make sure they feature on your little one’s letter to Santa this year, before it’s too late!


Top Notch for Tweens:

We get it. Tweens is a bit of an awkward stage – not a child anymore but not quite on the cusp of their teenage years either. It can make buying the perfect present for the tweens in your life a little tricky at times, but let’s face it, you’re never too old for a teddy. Step forward Philbin

A totally gorgeous plush, Philbin is a beautiful bear with bags full of character! Available in medium and large, in both a beige or dark chocolate brown colour, Philbin is stuffed in a seated position, so is perfect to pop at the top of your tween’s stocking this Christmas morning.

Incredibly cute and super cuddly, once the festivities are over for another year and all that remains are cold cuts of roast turkey, Philbin can be poised perfectly on the end of your teens bed. A friend for life, giving comfort and cuddles, the whole year through.


If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping and helped Santa to stock his sleigh this year, don’t worry, you still have time! For any orders placed by mid-day on 22nd December from UK and Friday 19th December from Europe a courier shipping shipping is available to ensure delivery on time for Christmas.  


So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay and order today! Explore our whole range of plush soft toys perfect for kids of all ages, that are guaranteed to give them hugs that last a life time, from this Christmas Day morning and beyond.


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