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Don’t Miss These Tips for Great Pictures of Your Children

June 13, 2018

Tips for great pictures of your children

There would seem to be no lack of documentation of today’s children. Thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone, most of us take countless pictures of our children from the moment they’re born. While those pictures are wonderful, these images might not satisfy your desire to fully capture your children as they grow up. Often these pictures are of interesting moments but lack the clear images or uncluttered backgrounds you’ll want to treasure forever or pass on to the next generation. Here are tips for making sure you have a selection of images that will keep the whole family smiling.



If you are going to a professional photography studio, bring your children’s favourite soft toys. They can look great in the pictures or be used to help attract your children’s attention when you want them to look at the camera. If the toys might be used in the pictures, select ones that are in good condition. You’ll want toys that will contrast enough with your child’s skin tone and clothing to show up without being too distracting. Avoid toys and clothing that have busy patterns, a multitude of colours, or too many tiny details.


You might want to bring more than one outfit for each child so you can try multiple looks or be prepared in case of a spillage before the photography session has been completed. The choices of backdrops at the photography studio might also cause you to change your mind about which clothing you prefer your children to wear.


Pick the Right Photographer

Before you commit to a particular photographer, view the artist portfolios for several photographers to make sure you find one where you are happy with the quality and style of their images. Photographers who specialise in working with children or families are the most likely to have the patience to get good results.


Different Pairings

It can be tempting to simply get pictures of your children or to rely on the professional pictures taken at their schools. While these types of pictures are great, don’t miss out on pictures of your children together or of your entire family group.


Think Beyond the Formal

Stark backgrounds or formal poses can be important as part of your collection of images but don’t forget to capture more casual moments. The picture of your children serenely smiling might be the picture you include on a card to send to others but a picture of everyone laughing is more likely to become the image that warms your heart.


Pictures of your children interacting with flowers or other parts of nature can be a great way to capture their personalities with an attractive background. You won’t want the picture to be too busy with clutter or other people in the background. If possible, use a digital camera or higher quality smartphone so you can enlarge the image later. Try taking pictures with your children and their favourite toys, hobbies or holiday moments.


Get Close

You will want to have nice closeups of your children’s faces with perhaps a few details around them. Remember that you don’t have to include their entire bodies in every picture. At the same time, showing the children in context so you can see where they are or what they were doing can help to better capture the moment.


Define the Times

Some of the ways we mark the passing of time is not just the size and maturity of our children but also with the objects in the picture. Years from now you can look back on the style of clothing, types of cars, or the Christmas tree décor in the background. Capturing a picture of your family in front of your holiday resort can allow future generations to look back on the architecture and other features of the time when your children grew up. Keep in mind that sometimes pictures are less about how everyone looked at a particular moment in time and more about how your children or your whole family were interacting with each other or with the world around them.

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