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Five Reasons Everyone Loves Boo the Dog

January 08, 2019

Five Reasons Everyone Loves Boo the Dog

Everyone loves Boo the Dog. There is something irresistible about his charming personality and his cartoon-esque good looks. Boo is a Pomeranian with a huge, fluffy head of hair, wide eyes, and a small pink tongue that peeps from out of his mouth when he gets excited.


Never heard of Boo? Here’s a little bit about his story. Boo rose to fame based purely on his good looks and his ability to look great in costumes when his owner started a Facebook page in his name in 2010. Since then Boo has amassed more than 16 million fans on Facebook and, as a result of this fanbase, he then began to appear on a range of Boo-related merchandise and starred in his own book. 


Boo is often referred to as a real-life teddy bear so it makes sense that GUND would work to create a Boo the Dog – Official Soft Toy Collection. Now everyone can have a little piece of Boo in their own home!  But why does everyone love Boo the dog? Here are our top five reasons.


  1. Boo is Adorable

We live in a society where money is a currency and style is king. Bo is a refreshing change with his teddy bear-like looks and willingness to cuddle up or dress in a costume, depending on what the occasions requires. His dark, wideset eye lend him a charming vulnerability that is instantly appealing while his unique personality makes us smile. Pick a Boo in whatever costumes inspire you the most. He’s ready to share your love of pirates or dress up to help you celebrate the festive winter season.


  1. Boo’s Life is a Mystery

Part of the success of Boo lies in the fact that so much of his life remains a mystery. Unlike so many social media celebrities of our age, he doesn’t share everything about his life online. All we know is that Boo lives in San Francisco with his human owner and several other furry friends. Our natural human curiosity means that we are desperate to learn more about Boo and many people continue to follow Boo on social media in order to learn as much about him as possible. However, in the decade since he made his social media debut, so much of Boo’s life still remains a mystery.


  1. Boo is Funny

Each of the adorable social media images of Boo is accompanied by a catchphrase. In fact, these meme-like updates were included on Boo’s Facebook page long before the first official meme was created. What makes these posts work so well is the humour with which each update is approached. Laughter is very important. The saying that that laughter is the best medicine is a cliché but the health benefits of humour are real. Laughing and smiling can lower your blood pressure, release endorphins, and produce a general sense of well-being. We love Boo because he makes us laugh and there are a wide range of different physical and mental health benefits to laughing regularly in this way.


  1. We Love Boo Because He’s Famous

He may only be a dog, but Boo has the enviable life of a social media mega star: he is the animal equivalent of a Kardashian and we love him all the more for it. As humans, we are immediately attracted to power and fame and Boo only shows that it doesn’t matter whether that fame comes in human or animal form. There is also comfort to be found in shared passions and experiences with our peers and enjoying the same animal-based memes of a favourite famous dog is a great way to build social relationships.


  1. We Love His Merchandise

Finally, what’s better than a cute dog plush? A cute dog plush that looks just like a particular real dog, of course! We love Boo the Dog’s merchandise almost as much as we love Boo himself, because it looks so realistic and because it is a great way to own our own little piece of modern pop culture legend. Loving Boo’s merchandise is a key element of loving Boo.

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