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How Boo the World’s Cutest Dog Makes the World’s Cutest Gift

December 12, 2018

How Boo the World’s Cutest Dog Makes the World’s Cutest Gift

Boo the Dog is called the World’s Cutest Dog for a reason. It’s no surprise that people around the world want a Boo the Dog of their own to add some joy and adorableness to their lives. Boo the Dog is a Pomeranian but he takes Pomeranians to a new level of fun with his huge social media following and his fondness for having the perfect costume for every occasion. Find out how Boo the Dog – Official soft toy collection could provide the perfect gifts for the people on your shopping list this year.


The Cute but Low Maintenance Pet

Who wouldn’t want a Boo the Dog of their own? He’s fabulous but, let’s face it, owning a dog is a lot of work and a big responsibility. For children, taking care of a dog could be too much of a challenge, depending on their ages and maturity. Even the most responsible people can have trouble finding enough time to properly care for a dog with long hours spent at work or a need to travel for work. What’s the solution? Plush versions of Boo the Dog! He allows you to enjoy adopting the World’s Cutest Dog but without requiring the time midnight walks or trips to the veterinarian!


If you’ve got wee children in your life who are in love with Boo (and who isn’t?) then here’s the perfect solution. The GUND Boo the World’s Cutest Dog Play Set includes a mini plush Boo and a kit to practice mess-free Boo care and feeding. It includes a soft toy carrier covered in pawprints to transport Boo, plus a bowl that makes a crinkling sound, a bone that squeaks, and a bowl that makes a boing sound. This set is suitable for kids and adults from birth to 112.


Exotic Animals

Boo the Dog loves variety and so do the people who love Boo! You can collect Boo in a variety of wild animal costumes. Perfect for playtime or simply brightening up your office. Elephant, fox, racoon, giraffe, and even a bee are given the Boo treatment and the results are, of course, the cutest animals possible. Boo can make an ideal gift for people who appreciate Boo, like dogs in general, or who collect any of the variety of animals who have been made Boo-u-tiful.


Playtime Characters

Get ready to imagine kissing a prince thanks to Boo dressed as a frog with his very own golden crown. Plan swashbuckling adventures with Boo in his pirate hat and jaunty scarf. Dream of a life of living happily ever after with Boo dressed as a princess and Boo the prince. Boo gives the crowns their own appeal, managing to look both regal and cute at the same time.


Seasonal Costumes

Make the holidays special with Boo’s help. Boo is all ready to greet Father Christmas in his Santa hat and bow tied up with a bright red bow. He even has his name embroidered onto his hat so that he can make your festive season even cuter. He can help to make the most of the winter with his snowman costume that comes complete with a carrot nose and a snazzy winter scarf wrapped around his neck.


If Christmas looks likely to become a battle between you and tiny hands who want to play too roughly with fragile ornaments or figurines, you can divert that attention by giving each child a small corner of Christmas of his or her own. The Christmas Boo the Dog are rated for kids and adults who are at least one year old. This can provide them with huggable, snuggable Christmas decorations they can tote around, cuddle, tell stories to, and treasure as a special part of their own festive season experience.


The Cutest Surprises

Everyone loves surprises and the joy of discovery. You can give a gift that is sure to be cute but still has a surprise. Give the people on your list GUND Boo Surprise Soft Toy Mystery boxes. Each box is filled with one mini Boo the Dog in one of seven different loveable costumes. You can all be surprised together when you find out which Boo disguise is featured in each box. Each mystery Boo comes with a hanging clip so that he can be fastened to a backpack or keychain, perfect any adventure. Alternatively, he can be clipped to the tree for Christmas to add a special touch of cuteness to your festive décor.

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