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How to Create Fun Rooms for Kids

May 11, 2018

Create fun rooms

Parents usually rush to plan out rooms for their new babies but often don’t think to continue to update children’s rooms as they get older. Even toddler tastes and needs are very different from babies so refreshing rooms is important. Having rooms your children enjoy will not only help make them happy, it can reduce disagreements around bedtimes.


  1. Colours

People tend to paint rooms for babies in pastel colours. In fact, studies have shown that babies see primary colours better. It can be harder for them to distinguish pastels. One option is to pick paint colours that are fairly neutral and then use artwork and stickers to update the room as your children’s interest change.


Young children usually prefer bold colours like pink, purple, red, and bright green. Emphasising one colour can help make rooms exciting enough for kids without being too busy for you. For example, a dinosaur lover might like giant stickers of big green dinosaurs on the walls with sheets or curtains in a more versatile solid or patterned green. Add dinosaur soft toys and dinosaur-themed pillows as accessories. This can allow the child to celebrate dinosaurs while making it easy to switch to a different theme if the child develops a new favourite area of interest.    


  1. Patterns

Including patterned linens and other room décor can provide interest to children’s rooms. They can also function as teaching tools. For example, a patterned bedspread with different coloured fish could be a chance for your child to notice differences between objects and learn to identify different colours.


  1. Lighting

Make sure the lighting is practical for a range of activities. Bright lighting for colouring books or reading will be important but you’ll want to be able to reducing lighting for other times. A bedside lamp can provide enough lighting for reading bedtime stories without making the room so bright that it’s harder for your child become drowsy as you read. A cute nightlight could provide comfort to children who are afraid of the dark or monsters under the bed. Lights that project stars or other images on the ceiling can help to lull children to sleep and many of these include a timer so that they don’t stay on all night. 


  1. DIY

The best art can be the art your children create. You can inspire their creativity by painting a wall or other surface with chalkboard paint. Then your children can be creative and practice writing skills without mess or paper waste. Chalkboard paint comes in a range of colours so it is easy to incorporate into your décor. Just make sure your children are old enough to safely handle the chalk.


  1. Flexibility

Clips hung along the walls can provide the perfect place to hang up your child’s artwork or display certificates or awards your child wins. Clear storage boxes can double as spaces to for your children to display their favourite toys without creating a mess.


Remember that house paint is fairly inexpensive. Changing the colour of feature walls in your children’s room is a good way to customise their rooms. Walls can be painted in an afternoon making this a fast option when a room needs an update. You can give your children a few choices to pick from so that they can have a colour they love. After that, periodically changing a few accessories might be all that it takes to have a fresh new look.

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