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How to make travel time fun for little ones this summer holiday season

June 24, 2019

Gund, perfect travel companions

With school almost being out for summer, our thoughts are starting to turn to the holiday season. Whether an exotic getaway on a long-haul flight or a staycation here in the UK, while the thought of quality time away with the family can sound like a dream, in reality, travelling with little ones can be a bit of a nightmare.

It’s every parent’s worst fear, those dreaded words… ‘Are we there yet?’

So what can you do to pass the time on your journey as part of the Great Escape this summer? Of course there’s the usual like Eye Spy. You pick the first letter of an object you can see and get your little one to guess the item you’re thinking of. Another favourite of ours is Three Things. In a similar vein to Eye Spy, you choose three words to describe an object in your line of vision, and see if the kids can conjure up in their mind what it is you’re thinking of.

There are the usual games consoles to help pass the time too, but is that really quality time when you and your family are head down glued to a small computer screen? It doesn’t exactly engage in conversation. Plus, what happens if the battery dies during your flight, train journey or road trip? That would make for some not-very-happy, bored and frustrated little ones – not the ideal situation for travelling. Trust us, we speak from experience!

So how about packing with you some good old fashioned pens and paper? From crayons and colouring books to pencils and scrap bits of paper, it’s amazing how these small items can bring hours of endless engaging fun and will certainly help to pass the time on your journey. How about playing Hangman if your child is of an age where they’re learning how to spell? Or what about Noughts and Crosses – it’s a classic! Either way, with some paper and pencils, your little one can play, create and doodle ‘til there little heart’s content without you ever having to worry about battery power (or lack of it).

Finally, why not think about packing a travel companion with you? A small soft toy for your little one to play with on the journey, while also doubling up as a soothing and comforting reminder of home when it comes to nap time, as you make your way to your holiday destination?

As America’s oldest and most prestigious soft toy company, creating plushes that give hugs which last a life time, why should your little one leave their favourite cuddle companion behind at home? Many of our soft toys come in smaller versions too, making them ideal for packing up and taking away on holiday with you - fitting perfecting into hand luggage and not taking up too much space on the back seat of your car - giving your child a reminder of home while away on your travels.

For example, our Cozy Dog is available in large and small. Why not leave the large one at home sitting on your little one’s bed ready to welcome them home and bring the smaller version with you? With the smaller version selling for only £15.00, it’s a small investment and won’t break the holiday budget but with a big return.

Offering hours of endless play, comfort and companionship, travelling to and from your summer holiday destination this year will be a breeze without those dreaded words…  ‘Are we there yet?’.

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