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How to Throw a Fabulous Pusheen Party

September 24, 2018

How to Throw a Fabulous Pusheen Party

Pusheen is beloved by people of all ages. Sadly, some people miss out on the chance to celebrate Pusheen with their friends. Now’s your chance to host a Pusheen themed party that's fun and festive for people of any age.

Classic Colour Scheme

Pusheen rocks a sophisticated grey wardrobe that anyone can emulate in the colour scheme but there are actually a number of options when you bring your Pusheen theme alive. Because Pusheen has plenty of hobbies and permutations, you can go with a classic Pusheen grey and black theme. You can combine different Pusheen looks into a single party or pick a few as your focus. Pusheenicorn provides the colours of the rainbow on a background of grey and black. Pusheenosaurus is an eye-catching green that can be used throughout your party.

Sections of tartans can be used to represent Detective Pusheen. If Pusheen Mermaid is more your speed, go with pastel tropical colours. A fish scale pattern can be used to recreate Pusheen Mermaid’s tail.


Host a Pusheen dress-up party? Why not?! You can buy a Pusheen hoodie online or you can create a Pusheen costume on your own. Start with clothes in Pusheen’s signature grey. Then add a few dashes of black to your outfit to provide the perfect base for your Pusheen tribute. You can make a grey and black striped tail to attach along with black whiskers. For a Pusheenosaurus costume, you’ll need to dress in green and make a ridge to attach along your back.


If you’re feeling more colourful, you can come to the party dressed as Pusheenicorn. Start with the grey basic costume and then use coloured fake fur to add a mane to your unicorn. You can expand the illusion of a mane by gelling your hair up into mock mohawk and then colouring it in a rainbow of spray-on temporary hair dye. Don’t forget to attach a unicorn horn and a rainbow coloured tail.


A Pusheen Mermaid costume needs to feature a flower behind an ear and a mermaid tail. Since it’s hard for mermaids to walk around, you might consider forgoing the end of the tail and stick with the fish scale pattern on your pants or skirt. Fasten together overlapping circles of fabric or paper to form the fish scales and attach them to the rest of your outfit.


If you’re dressing as Pusheen, don’t forget to bring a few accessories for her. That could include a cardboard cut-out that looks like one of her favourite foods. Carry that and you’ll help to bring your whole costume together. Pusheen also loves wearing hats so you could add one of those to your costume like a party hat or chef’s hat. Don’t forget Stormy! A fluffy grey coat over grey clothing can make a great Stormy costume.


Pusheen Entertainment

Detective Pusheen loves solving mysteries and your guests could, too. You can stage a murder mystery at your house. Create your own mystery or you can find prepared mystery party kits that your friends can play.


The easiest way to honour Pusheen’s hobbies while entertaining your guests is to host a Pusheen movie night. Put your favourite movies on the television and be sure to have plenty of popcorn and other snacks for the event.  



Pusheen’s classic grey look perfect on her but grey isn’t the best colour for food. Your best bet for food that looks like Pusheen is to stick with cakes or cake pops. Either can be made into the shape of Pusheen, with grey frosting, and her features added in black. If complicated cake decorating doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can go with a simpler approach. Make or buy cupcakes for your guests. Cover the tops in a smooth layer of grey frosting. Then add details using either black frosting or with pre-made black icing gel. Alternatively, Pusheen’s whiskers, eyes, and mouth can be made out of small black candies. Liquorice candies can be perfect for Pusheen’s whiskers once they’ve been cut into the correct size and shape.     


Another option is to serve the food that that Pusheen loves the best. Fortunately, Pusheen loves lots of different kinds of foods. Set up a nice selection of cupcakes, donuts, sushi, crisps, ice cream, and/or popcorn. If you want to serve a few healthier foods, you can arrange a platter of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow pattern to represent Pusheenicorn’s mane and tail.


The More Pusheens the Better

The only thing more fun than Pusheen is a larger group of Pusheens! Encourage your friends to bring their own plush Pusheen to your event. From large Pusheen toys to Pusheen keychains, they can all join the party to make it more entertaining.

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