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Learning through play!

September 06, 2021

Learning through play!

We have a whole host of new and exciting animated plushes for your little ones to explore

 It’s a hard life being a baby! All that playing, learning, and taking in the world around you. There’s so many new things to enjoy and explore, at times, it can be a little overwhelming and hard to know where to start – which toy do you go to first? How do you figure out how it’s going to work? Will you enjoy it and be entertained?

 Well parents, grandparents, caregivers and friends of little ones, worry not, as we have the perfect play pals that are not only brilliant for little ones who like to play, yet are soft enough for kids who still enjoy cuddles, they’re also excellent at helping your little loved ones to learn essential skills too!

 You can’t have missed him! That’s right… we’re talking about Flappy the Animated Elephant who has taken the internet by storm!

 A huge hit across the playrooms of the country, Flappy has rightfully won a place in the hearts of little ones all across the land. After all, being a plush from GUND, he’s guaranteed to give hugs that last a life time! But that’s not all… our award-winning much-loved Flappy is so much more than just a snuggle buddy, he’s an animated play-pal too! He sings, talks, wiggles his ears and uses them to play peek-a-boo, encouraging little ones to get involved in the fun. Through the use of song and sing-alongs, Flappy can help little ones to strengthen their lip and tongue movement for clear speaking – not to mention developing a strong imagination creative play skills!

 Then of course there’s Flora the Animated Bunny – our oh-so-soft fluffy white bunny rabbit who was our follow up to Flappy. Much like our elephant friend, Flora uses her long rabbit ears to encourage older babies and toddlers to engage in playtime, helping to develop a whole host of other essential skills. Playing peek-a-boo encourages the development of gross motor skills, stimulates babies’ senses, and teaches them something called ‘Object Permenance’ – the idea that something still exisits, even if you can’t see it! How cool is that?

 As if Flappy and Flora weren’t enough to keep kids entertained while helping them to learn important skills and reach key milestones in the physical and cognitatve development, here at GUND, we’re super proud to introduce not one, not two, but THREE brand-new play pals into our ever-growing (and ever popular) collection of animated plushes.

 Step forward Clappy the Monkey … he’s a cheeky chappy of a brown and white monkey who loves to sing and play games. Press his left foot to play an interative clapping game where his arms move to make a clapping motion during play, and the right to hear the song If you’re happy and you know it in a cute child’s voice. Just another cool and quirky way for little ones to develop fine motor skills through interactive and imaginative play!

 And of course, not forgetting the cutest of them all when it comes to the latest additions into our interactive plush range… it’s Kissy the Penguin! This sweet little plush sings Frere Jacques with her oh-so-adorable little flippers coming up to her beak in time with the music to blow her kisses. She also plays a sweet kissing game, helping little ones to learn how to show affection and aid their emotional development.

 Last but by no means least, if your little one is utterly exhausted after all that learning through fun play, then it is most definitely time to head to bed for a very well-deserved nap! Sure to help your little ones drift off into a peaceful slumber, say hello to (or should that be good night?) Sleep Eyes Owl!

 Press Sleep Eyes Owl’s head and watch his eyes slowly close while hearing soothing sounds as his belly gently glows. Press it again and the owl wakes up, with more upbeat songs and coloured lights in the belly. There are a total of eight different songs as well as white noise and pink noise (a noise less like static, more like rustling leaves) to help little ones make the most of an undisturbed snooze.

 Sleep Eyes Owl is so soft and cuddly – he’s perfect for playtime but is absolutely a bedtime must-have too. After all, sleep allows your little one’s brain to absorb all that they’ve learned throughout the day, so a sound slumber is every bit as important as a fun-packed yet educational playtime too!

 All of the animated plushes in our range are suitable for children aged 10 months and over. They’re CE marked, surface washable (ideal for all those sticky little finger marks) and come with batteries ready to play! They’re perfect for little ones who like to play, yet soft enough for kids who still enjoy cuddles.

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