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Meet Pusheen’s Fabulous New Friends!

August 03, 2018

Super Pusheenicorn from Gund

Everyone loves Pusheen. She’s fun and snuggly and ready to keep you company in any type of adventure or when you’re spending quality time on the couch. The only thing better than spending time with Pusheen is spending time with her along with her friends and family. What started out as Pusheen the Cat has now spread to become a worldwide phenomenon with a range of different Pusheen characters that are sure to delight. From the online cartoon we quickly learned to look forward to every new moment Pusheen spends exploring new things or hanging out with her friends and family. She brightens our day online. Now GUND provides us with a chance to have Pusheens of our very own. The GUND Pusheen family and friends are exceptionally soft and cuddly. High-quality workmanship ensure Pusheen’s expressions and other details are faithfully recreated in soft plush formats that will entertain for years to come.

As much as we appreciate Pusheen, we have also grown to enjoy letting her spend time with the rest of the Pusheen world. As Pusheen’s circle widens we all have a chance to collect the rest of her friends and family. For example, as soon as it hit the market GUND’s Pusheenicorn brightened rooms and opened our minds to endless possibilities. A rainbow mane and tail give the Pusheenicorn and distinctive look that captures the spirit of magic and fun for which Pusheen is known and loved.

Now we are delighted to welcome new friends to the GUND Pusheen family as well as a variety of forms for the rest of Pusheen’s family of fun and friendly kitties. Check out the range of Pusheen plush toys, keychains, mugs, and other gifts available through GUND.

GUND Pusheen Sloth

Just when we thought nothing could possibly be more fun to snuggle with than Pusheen, there appeared the Pusheen Sloth hugging Pusheen! Sloth is a great friend to Pusheen for obvious reasons. Sloth knows how to have a great time simply hanging out and to slow down and enjoy time with friends. Trust Pusheen Sloth to give amazing hugs and shows us that taking things slow is the perfect way to spend our time. Take a few moments to relax in the company of Pusheen Sloth to make your day a little more carefree.

Sloth is 18cm high. Thanks to a weighted bottom, both Sloth and Pusheen are able to sit up on their own. Hook and loop hands allows Sloth to give Pusheen a big hug or hang around on whatever is handy. Pusheen and Sloth can have adventures on their own when they are hugging it out in front of the television. Sloth is a must for anyone’s Pusheen collection and for everyone who needs a nice slow hug.

Pusheen Pugsheen

Dog lovers are Pusheen lovers, too. Finally, on April Fool’s Day we were all introduced to Pusheen Pugsheen! Now there is no need for Pusheen fans to choose between cats and dogs. You can love them both! This happy pug is soft and lovable like you expect from GUND and Pugsheen has a curly tail and soft, poseable ears. Pugsteen shows us that Pusheen’s characters are as adorable as a dog as at a cat. Pugsheen is 19cm high so there is plenty of pug to cuddle.

GUND Pusheen Cheek Hamster

It really wouldn’t be a Pusheen celebration without this cheeky hamster. Rosy cheeks and a round belly make it clear that this member of the Pusheen clan is always ready to join in whenever there is food and fun. Often pictured in the background of Pusheen’s adventures, the GUND Pusheen Cheek Hamster is now ready to take centre stage with whatever adventures or meals you have planned. Take a lesson from Pusheen, herself. Even though Pusheen is a cat, she’s able to have a great time with anyone, including her cute and cuddly hamster friend. The GUND Pusheen Cheek Hamster is a robust hamster-sized 13cm tall.

GUND Pusheen Lion

When Pusheen says she’d rather spend time at home than in the jungle, she’s telling the truth and not lion! Fortunately, Pusheen Lion is ready to take on any challenge from the wilds of the Outback to a quiet scenic spot on your desk.

Master whatever challenges come your way and have a roaring good time with Pusheen Lion at your side. A generous 22cm height can help make Pusheen Lion the mane event at any Pusheen gathering. Pusheen Lion reminds us of the mighty spirit inside us, even if we look more like a fluffy kitty than the king of the jungle. With lion-like determination we can still reach our goals and find plenty of accomplishments we’ll want to roar about.

GUND Pusheen White Seal

When is a cat not a cat? Perhaps when it is a seal! This adorable GUND Pusheen Seal has loads of personality and a cute little tail to help swim into a special place in your heart. Don’t miss your chance to collect all of the members of the Pusheenimals collection. Many of these eagerly-collected special GUND editions have limited availability so don’t expect them to be around forever. This GUND Pusheen White Seal is 20cm tall.

GUND Pusheenicorn

The Pusheenicorn was introduced to the public and instantly captured our hearts to become a modern classic. Pusheen added a bright spin on an already festive unicorn to the joy of people around the world. GUND Pusheenicorn’s bright mane adds a festive touch to any room and reminds us to continue enjoying all the magic the world has to offer. At 22.5 cm the GUND Pusheenicorn provides plenty of Pusheenicorn to hug. Other sizes and versions of the GUND Pusheenicorn are also available so you can sport your Pusheenicorn style wherever you go.

GUND Pusheen Mermaid

There might not be anything more magical than a Pusheenicorn but the Pusheen Mermaid is certainly in the running. The GUND Pusheen Mermaid has plenty of personality from the flower she wears tucked by her ear to the end of her pink and green tail. At 18.5 cm she’s so adorable she’s sure to make a splash wherever she goes.  You know you’ll want to add the Pusheen Mermaid to your Pusheen collection so go ahead and dive in!

GUND Pusheenosaurus

Pusheen knows that not every day is rainbows, unicorns, and sunshine. Sometimes you want to growl at the world or at least give it a slightly grumpy look. If your Monday feels like it lasted millions of years or it seems that almost that long until your next holiday getaway, Pusheenosaurus can sympathise and cheer you up at the same time. Pusheenosaurus makes a great gift for anyone fascinated by dinosaurs and everyone who likes Pusheen (and everyone likes Pusheen!). The 22cm GUND Pusheenasaurus is ready to help you face any challenge or keep you company during a cosy evening by the fireplace.  

GUND Pusheen Stormy

We can’t avoid smiling each time we see Pusheen and her little sister, Stormy, spending time together. From baking up a storm to nibbling on popcorn while binge-watching a favourite television show, we can all relate to Pusheen and Stormy’s quality time spent sharing great times together. Like any good sister Stormy is always happy to keep Pusheen company but never holds her back when she wants to try something new. Stormy keeps learning new things from her big sister including how much fun it is to spend quality time chilling around the house. Stormy comes in several sizes from keychain to larger cuddle-sized.  

GUND Pusheen Pip

Pusheen enjoys spending time with her friends and family and Pusheen says the more the merrier! That’s why she proud to show off her little brother, Pip, a more recent addition to Pusheen’s family. He adds a whole new level of excitement to any Pusheen gettogether. Pip is fluffier than Pusheen and Stormy but he still inherited his family’s appreciation for enjoying time together. GUND Pusheen Pip is 17cm high with an impressively fluffy tail.  

GUND Pusheen Stormicorn

So, you’ve been wondering how to combine your appreciation for unicorns with your fondness for Stormy. Now your problem is solved, thanks to the Stormicorn! Everything you enjoy about Stormy and unicorns, combined together in the rainbow-maned Stormicorn. At 17cm high, Stormicorn makes the perfect pal to keep your Pusheenicorn company or to spread rainbow joy on her own. Wherever Stormicorn goes she’s sure to make the day more colourful.

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