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Our Favourite Characters for Boys from Classic Children’s Books

March 29, 2018

Our Favourite Characters for Boys from Classic Children’s Books

There are so many different books that are aimed at children, it can be difficult to pick only a few for the special little boy in your life. If you want to inspire him and help him relate to books, there is no better way than to get him started reading books with great characters. Finding characters he can empathise with will increase the odds that he’ll want reread these books or even explore more books in the series. Reading to a child is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Children learn language skills and this makes it easier for them to enjoy reading later. Even after children learn to read on their own, reading together continues to improve their language skills and increases their odds of succeeding in school.


  1. Peter Rabbit

Most boys can relate to Peter Rabbit. He’s basically a good boy but he still gets into trouble. Peter ignores his mum’s rule and he goes into Mr. McGregor’s garden where he is chased by Mr. McGregor, losing his jacket and shoes. He eventually makes it back home where he is comforted by his mother who tucks him into bed. Children have been identifying with Peter’s mostly good, slightly naughty antics since Beatrix Potter’s first book was published in 1902. PETER RABBIT™ toys quickly hit the market giving children more ways to enjoy the Peter’s world and launch their own adventures. In fact, Beatrix Potter was the first to create a plush version of Peter Rabbit.


  1. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh may not be the brightest character but he has a great heart, a wonderful circle of friends, and his wisdom always seems to help things turn out well in the end. Christopher Robin and the rest of the characters in the Winnie the Pooh books have plenty of adventures to keep young readers interested and entertained. Winnie the Pooh is easy to relate to and his adventures provide important lessons about friendship, honesty and teamwork.


  1. Peter Pan

Pirates, adventures, and a boy who can fly – what boy wouldn’t love to spend time with Peter Pan and the rest of the Lost Boys? The idea that one night a typical boy can find his way to Neverland and a lifetime of adventures can make bedtime suddenly seem more appealing. There are villains to fight and defeat, daring rescues, and plenty of excitement to be had.  


  1. Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Dressed in his wolf costume, Max causes havoc in his own home before becoming magically transported to an exotic land. There he meets the Wild Things who hail him as their new king. In the book, Max goes from his tantrum, to adventures, to finally realising he wanted to be safe at home with the supper his mum had prepared. It’s a good message for kids learning to deal with anger and control issues or any boy who is naughty upon occasion. This book can also help kids who are afraid of monsters find out that even scary-looking creatures can be good, fun and friendly.


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