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Pusheen’s Advice for University Students & Their Parents

September 24, 2018

Pusheen Snackable Popcorn Soft Toy with student books and diploma

Pusheen appeals to everyone so you might be wondering why she’s taking the time to offer her advice to university students and their parents. Pusheen has seen what a big step it is to begin university. She knows it’s a lot of work and it can be a challenging adjustment, particularly when attending university requires living away from home. Although Pusheen has never completed university classes, she has plenty of experience making herself at home wherever she goes. That makes her uniquely qualified to provide advice to those trying to adjust to university. Here are her helpful answers to your questions.


Question: What is the key to success in university?

Answer: The most important thing to focus on, particularly the first year of university, is pizza. This based on my exhaustive research and contemplation. Well, not actual research but I did give it plenty of thought for a couple of hours. Sure, I might have been napping for most of that time but I’m still confident that pizza is the key and that I’m a little hungry. Now I will be taking a break. I’ll resume answering questions after I eat a slice of pizza.


Q: I was up late studying for my university classes. How do I keep energized and motivated?

A: Some people mistakenly think that caffeine is the best way to stay awake. In fact, the best way to stay awake is to take a nap. Anytime is a good time to nap. Unless you’re driving, operating machinery, or you’re supposed to bring me food. The rest of the time, take naps. Then you’ll have no trouble staying awake except for when you’re asleep.  


I’ve heard of people having trouble finding time for adequate naps. This sounds like an urban legend but humans are odd so I can’t completely rule it out. If you are lacking time to sleep, the best solution is to have a plush version of me with you to help. I will take on the difficult challenge of napping in order to free up your time to do other things. I’ll manage donut-eating, as well, and keep you company when you watch television. Don’t forget the popcorn. You’re welcome.


Q: It’s hard to keep up with the assignments for all my classes. How can I be like you and participate in many different activities while still having time to nap?

A: That’s easy. I’m a cat. I have nine lives. I make certain that at any given time I have at least four of my lives available to spend on my napping. Hope that helps!


Q: I need to decide which university classes to take this year. What’s your secret to making difficult decisions?

A: I am often faced with hard choices. Donut or crisps? Nap or snack? These types of decisions are extremely important. Usually I opt for a donut AND a cupcake and then take a nap. If I really can’t decide whether to nap or not, my solution is to sleep on it and usually the answer is clear once I wake up. The same approach works for cupcakes. If I’m not sure if I should eat a cupcake, I trying eating the cupcake while I think about whether I should eat it or not. Once I finish the cupcake I will almost always know the answer. Occasionally, I’m still not quite sure. Fortunately, eating a second cupcake will give me the answer I need. Feel free to apply this same technique anytime you need to make a decision.


Q: What I should I study in school?

A: That is a very personal decision. You should consider what type of career you might enjoy, what areas of study interest you the most, and what fields are most likely to produce jobs that will provide you with generous amounts of donuts. The culinary arts are a personal favourite, particularly if there is food sampling involved. Do you have any food that needs to be sampled right now? No? How about now? Still no? That’s disappointing. Please remember to bring food next time. I’ll now be taking questions in the dining hall following a brief break for snacks and a nap.


Q: What career is the best, overall?

A: There are many university degrees that can lead to lucrative careers. Unfortunately, none of these degrees can guarantee that you’ll be able to find a job being a cat. Being a cat is the best! If you don’t believe me, just ask Stormy. She’ll back me up on this. Since you can’t focus your university studies on being a cat, the top option is to pick a career where you make lots of money but don’t have to spend too much time working. That will give you more time to feed your cat and scratch him or her behind the ears. We love that.


Q: What advice do you have for parents whose children are going away to university for the first time?

A: For parents it can be challenging to have your children move away. Being separated from them can be difficult, even though you are happy about your child’s success. The obvious way to make members of your family feel better is to give your cat sushi. If that doesn’t cheer everyone up, try giving your cat even more sushi but, this time, add a slice of pizza on the side. In more severe cases, you might need to hold a family meeting so that each of you can take turns feeding your cat. Don’t worry, once your cat is full, you will all feel much better. At least your cat will feel better. That’s really the same thing, right?


Q: Why aren’t there more cats at my university?

A: Cats are naturally smart and savvy. We don’t need to study in school like humans do. Plus, at night while you’re asleep we secretly use your computers and smartphones to surf the internet. That helps keep us informed. Also, cats are excellent nappers. We don’t need to sit through a boring university lecture to put ourselves to sleep. Another reason you don’t see cats taking university classes is we’ve noticed that attending a university seems like quite a lot of work. We don’t work. We’re cats. We have too many other things to do, like take naps and eat. Speaking of eating, it’s time for me to eat lunch and take a nap. I need to keep up my strength by consuming healthy, nutritious food. Now which way to the nearest ice cream?


Q: What do you think is the most challenging part of the university experience?

A: When it is time for a student to begin university, there are a number of different problems to overcome. The first problem is the need to spend time preparing for university. This is particularly time consuming if the university is too far away from home for a daily commute. Obviously, all these preparations are concerning because they can take time that could otherwise be spent feeding your cat. University can also require costly books and possibly even a faster computer. These expenses can make your cat concerned that you might have to cut back on necessities like cupcakes. Be sure to reassure your cat by providing him or her with extra cupcakes during this difficult time.


The next issue is that university preparations can be tiring for everyone in the family, particularly your cat. Fortunately, your cat understands how important university is so your cat is willing to forgive you for being distracted. That’s assuming you make it up to your cat by providing extra pizza and belly rubs, unless your cat isn’t in the mood for belly rubs. In that case, provide the extra pizza along with a few cupcakes. Apology accepted!


One more concern is the possibility that the university student will move away from home. That would mean one less person to pay attention to your cat. Sure, your cat might seem aloft and mysterious and completely unconcerned about the activities of mere humans. The truth is, your cat, like all cats, is actually aloft and mysterious and completely unconcerned about the activities of mere humans. Still, any change of routine should be accompanied by plenty of apology treats to reassure your cat that the pampering will continue, regardless of any other household changes.  


Q: What is the best way to adjust to living in student housing and having a roommate?

A: Pusheen understands your concern. As a cat, living with strange people is a common experience. For humans, this can be a tremendous change. Part of the problem is cats generally have human roommates who provide belly rubs and food. Sadly, most university students end up with human roommates who aren’t willing to give belly rubs or feed them. This is shocking. Your first step must be to find a roommate who can either cook or is otherwise willing to continuously provide you with a stockpile of cupcakes, pizza, and other food. Next, you’ll need to teach them to leave you alone while you nap. There! Now you have the perfect roommate situation and can enjoy a university experience filled with snacks and generous naptimes.

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