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Some Bunny Loves You!

March 29, 2021

Some Bunny Loves You!

In just a few short days, children all over the world will go to bed full of excitement, impatiently waiting to wake up the following morning, to see if the Easter Bunny has hopped along and delivered lots of lovely eggs and tasty chocolate treats to help mark the occasion.


But, have you ever wondered how our gift-baring bob-tailed friend ever came to be? Because believe it or not, the celebration of Easter didn’t always involve a fluffy bunny or two (well, sort of!)…


It’s thought that our celebrations at this time of year date back to Pagan times and the Festival of Easter, which honoured the Goddess of Spring – Eostre. We celebrate Easter at this time of year in line with the Spring Equinox – a time of year when the days get longer and the nights get lighter, signalling the end of cold dark winters and the beginning of new life. This in turn couples with the Biblical symbolism of Jesus having conquered the darkness of death and being resurrected after the crucifixion.


So, where does the bunny and the eggs come in to it all, we hear you say?


Spring is the start of new beginnings, right? Well, the Goddess of Spring (remember that Pagan festival we told you about?) has a symbol, and that symbol is a rabbit. Rabbits are often associated with fertility, and so there you have the link between eggs, new beginnings and this time of year.


Plus, as part of Easter celebrations, many Christians dating back as far as the Middle Ages would decorate eggs (not the chocolate variety – normally they’d be hardboiled) and then eat them as a special treat following Mass on Easter Sunday. And so, the Easter Bunny as we know it has come to be through the passage of time, as children would make nests for what was referred to as the Easter Hare, ready for this mythical creature to bring them colourful eggs in celebration of this time of year. When the children woke on Easter Sunday, they’d then have to go and find their nests and the eggs that had been delivered to them – in a way we’d now recognise as your traditional Easter Egg Hunt!



So, whether you’re planning on gifting chocolate-galore this Easter, or are looking for some paw-fect alternative presents to celebrate the season, we suggest you hop to it and take a look at our website – we’ve a whole host of brilliant bunnies that kids of all ages will just love! They’re the ideal Easter treat and would make a great cuddle-companion to enjoy egg hunts around the home with too…


We just love Flora the Animated Bunny! She’s a sumptuously soft rabbit presented in a white fabric for her fur with a silky pink fabric lining her big bunny ears. Her features are highlighted using softs tones of pink and brown, creating a warm and friendly face inviting baby to stay and play.


With two play patterns, Flora plays peek-a-boo with her ears moving to cover her eyes and reveal them again, engaging baby in active sensory play. She also sings the popular childhood song, ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’, encouraging little ones to join in with the tune too. Standing at 30.0cm tall, Flora the Animated Elephant is surface washable, CE marked and suitable for children from 10 months old – a lovely gift to mark a little one’s first Easter. 


And Flora isn’t the only animated bunny plush we’re loving this Easter! Check out everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunny, straight from the pages of Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s tales – it’s Peter Rabbit Peek-A-Boo Soft Toy.


Standing at 36.0cm tall, this Peter Rabbit soft toy is made from beautifully soft fabric and is dressed in clothing exactly as illustrated by Beatrix Potter, with his signature blue jacket. Peter Rabbit plays peek-a-boo with your little one and speaks as his arms and handkerchief move up and down to cover his eyes. Like Flora, Peter is surface washable and CE marked. However, this soft toy is suitable for older children from age 3+.


Finally, if an animated plush isn’t for you and your family, but you want to enjoy the classic nostalgia of the Peter Rabbit tales this springtime, then look no further than this Flopsy Medium Soft Toy. Made from beautifully soft fabric and dressed in clothing exactly as illustrated by Beatrix Potter, with her signature red cape, this quality and authentic soft toy is sure to be adored for many years to come. Hand washable to remove any marks from chocolatey sticky fingers this Easter and CE marked, this soft toy is suitable from age 1+.


Whatever bunny you choose this Easter, you and your family can be safe in the knowledge that not only does a plush from GUND give hugs that last a lifetime, each and every soft toy comes with the highest level of safety checks, are suitable for many ages, and those that need batteries come with them ready for children to play!

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