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Top Things We Can Learn from Our Children

January 01, 2018

Whether with soft toys, Play-Doh or figures, children know how to be creative.

Childhood is a wonderful time of adventure and discovery. Children learn new things every day and embrace the world around us. They understand that they have a lot to learn, and they soak up knowledge like sponges. But they can also teach us so much. Here are the top things we can learn from our children:


Think Creatively

In adulthood, creativity can so often be undervalued. Children, though, instinctively think creatively and love taking part in creative pursuits simply because they’re fun, rather than for any practical reason. Whether they’re painting a picture, building an elaborate sculpture from Play-Doh or telling an epic story using puppets, soft toys and their favourite action figures, children think creatively simply for the fun of it!


Why not let yourself go, think outside the box, and let your creative juices flow? You’ll be amazed by just how good it makes you feel.


Be Fearless

Because they are so indefatigably optimistic, children are completely fearless. They sing at the top of their voices, dance whenever they hear a song they like, and are never afraid to share their ideas with others no matter how outlandish they seem.


If you can channel the fearlessness of a child then you’ll be amazed by just how much you can achieve: if you ask for what you actually want and follow your dreams without fear then you could completely change your life.


Laugh as Often as Possible

There is nothing more wonderful than the sound of children laughing. Children laugh so much more often than adults because they find joy and wonder in every aspect of the world around them.


Whether they’re walking through the park or simply running around the playground at school, you will hear children laughing considerably more than grownups do. They aren’t afraid to look silly, or to have people looking at them when they laugh unselfconsciously. Why not release your inner child, stop supressing your laughter, and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that come from regular laughter?


Try New Things

Finally, children aren’t afraid to try new things. Because they are so new to the world themselves, most children try something new every day without fear of the unknown or fear of failure.


Whether it’s taking on a new sport, learning a new language or simply approaching a child they don’t know in the hope they might make a new friend, children aren’t afraid to try new things, which means they have a wide range of new experiences in their everyday lives.

If you’re stuck in a rut and tired of your same day-to-day routine, why not take a break from it and try something new instead? Approach your new activity with the gung-ho attitude of a toddler!


Trying something new can make you feel reinvigorated and give you a whole new lease of life.

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