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Top Tips for Helping Young Kids Feel at Home Away from Home

June 13, 2018

Helping kids feel at home away from home

Travelling to new places can be one of life’s best experiences. It can be a chance to holiday in a new location or simply to spend quality time with extended family. For children, these types of trips can be both wonderful and problematic. Often the biggest issue is trying to sleep in a strange place or feeling comfortable in a different routine. Here are tips for making wherever your kids are staying feel more like home.


Familiar Friends

One of the best ways to make a child feel at home in a strange place is to bring a few familiar friends. Letting your children bring along favourite toys can help them keep themselves entertained during the trip. Once you’ve arrived, snuggling up to their usual baby soft toys at night can make children feel more safe and secure when sleeping in a strange place. With a lot of activity and an unusual setting, children can feel anxious so having a soft buddy to hug can make a big difference in helping them adjust to their new surroundings.



At night, a cocoon-like setting can help children feel more secure. Having blankets, soft toys, and pillows around can make a strange bed seem safer so kids can get to sleep. Encircling children with these items can also reduce the chance of them falling out of bed or becoming disorientated during the night. 



If your children normally sleep with a night light or decorative light, then bringing those along can immediately make them feel more at home. If they don’t usually have this sort of light, providing one while travelling could still be a good idea. Sleeping in a room that is completely dark can be scarier for children and make it difficult if they need to visit the bathroom during the night. Even a subtle light in the hallway can make the whole building seem more inviting.



Strange noises in a new location can seem spooky, particularly at night. If you’re aware of different noises your children might experience, talk about them ahead of time. For example, visiting the farm will be more relaxing to your children if they know the might hear cows or roosters in the wee hours of the morning.


If the area’s sounds might be distracting, consider providing background sounds that can make it easier to keep children entertained during the day or soothed at night. A familiar video played on the television or computer can keep kids occupied while the adults talk to give everyone a welcome break. At night, playing music can make bedtime go more smoothly. Another option sis to play a recording of ocean waves or white noise to keep outside sounds from disturbing your children.


Remember, a little extra planning now can help make your holidays more fun for both you and your children.

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