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UK Day Trips with Baby

August 03, 2018

Get out and about with baby and Flappy the Elephant Soft Book

Taking your newborn baby on a day trip for the first time can be both daunting and exciting. Whether you’re thinking about a raucous day out to a theme park, a child-friendly museum dedicated to soft toys in the UK, or a gentle stroll around a National Trust garden, the experience of a day out with a baby will be unlike any carefree, child-free day out that you have ever had before. Proper prior planning will be essential to help you make the most of your day.

Want to take your baby for their very first day out but unsure how to start? Then read on:

Check List for Day Outings with Baby

First of all and before you leave the house with baby for a big day out, there are some practical considerations to take care of. Firstly, you need to make sure your change bag is fully packed. An adequate supply of nappies and wet wipes, a change of clothes in case of any accidents, and all the baby milk and food you will need for the day are essentials. Muslin squares to mop up any spillages, their favourite soft toys to calm any tantrums, and a bottle of hand sanitizer are all helpful to have.

You should also ensure that there are changing facilities near to your destination, and if there aren’t any available, make a plan in advance about where and how you will change and feed your baby. Finally, think about who will be coming along with you for baby’s very first day out. If your partner isn’t available then why not enlist the help of a grandparent, friend, or other family member? Taking your baby away from the comfort of the house for the first time is likely to be hard work, and you’ll be grateful to have an extra pair of hands, whilst your relative will enjoy the opportunity to bond with baby.

Getting There

The easiest way to get around with your baby is in the car. To do this you will need a properly fitted infant car seat. Allow plenty of time to get from A to B, as some babies suffer from car sickness, and others don’t enjoy the unfamiliar environment of being in the car, which means they will need plenty of stops for reassurance and cuddles before the journey can continue (unless of course the journey just sends them straight off to sleep). If you choose to travel by public transport then plan your route in advance, so that you don’t spend too much time waiting around, and so that you aren’t left feeling stressed or confused by the uncertainty of not knowing when the next bus will be arriving. You may wish to consider putting your baby in a sling if you are travelling by public transport: much easier to get on and off a bus, a sling will also take up less space than a pram and help you to keep your baby close to you where they can feel constantly reassured and comforted.

A good rule of thumb for this first outing is not to travel more than an hour away from home, so that your baby is introduced to travelling in small increments, and they don’t develop a long-lasting aversion to being in the car or on the bus. If you have to make a longer journey (to visit relatives, for example) then ensure that you give your baby a break from laying in their pram or car seat at least every 30 minutes, and never leave them in the car seat for more than two hours at a time.

Where to Go

Finally, after all the preparation, it’s time for the fun part: enjoying your first family day out with your baby. It’s important to remember that the needs and interests of your baby are fairly restrictive. Provided that you are there, they are fed on schedule, and have their nappy changed regularly, any day out will be considered a good day out by your new bundle of joy. The key, then, is to take them somewhere that would be an enjoyable treat for you, as well as somewhere your baby will enjoy knowing they visited for their first ever day trip.

Here are some ideas for your day trip with baby:

Deen City Farm, Merton Abbey, London

Great for spending time with animals and jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Ruislip Lido Railway, Hillingdon, London

Check out the steam engine!

Peppa Pig World, New Forest, Hampshire

Puddles and attractions galore!

Legoland Windsor

Be careful: the parents might enjoy this one more than the kids

Trentham Monkey Forest, Trentham, Birmingham

Lots of cheeky monkeys all in one place!

Winterbourne Botanic Garden, Birmingham

The perfect location for a picnic!

Eden Project, Cornwall

A spectacular day of different climates and environments

Bewilderwood, Norfolk

Tons to do for all the family!

With so many fun attractions and family day trips for all the family, there are no excuses for staying indoors this weekend!

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