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What the heck is a Fuggler?

September 09, 2019



Funny-ugly little monsters that love to cause havoc and mischief. Don’t worry their teeth are just for show, they don’t really bite… we promise. These straight up bonkers creatures love to go through life causing destruction and mayhem, but don’t let that put you off, they do love their humans, well… as much as they can with their shrivelled little hearts. They will most certainly ruin your life…but they will love you whilst doing it, so I suppose that makes it all worth it… right?

You’re still here… so you must be considering Fuggler adoption. Let us run you through the very troublesome process.

 For the first step you will need to look deep into each Fugglers vacant eyes and let one of the mischievous little monsters choose you, hopefully it will be the one that repulses you least, but hey, we can’t be held responsible for which one decides to crawl into your home. You don’t choose the Fuggler, the Fuggler chooses you! 

Take a second to consider why you’re actively sabotaging your own happiness. Done?

When you’ve decided that Fuggler adoption is definitely for you, we will stalk him out while on his path of destruction and capture that toothy little weirdo using our perfected Fuggler-wrangling techniques. Fugglers are known to bite and fart outrageously during this process, but don’t worry, we will persevere. He may also try to escape from his box when travelling to you, so don’t be alarmed if this box shows up mangled. Fear not, this packaging is designed to contain even the most ferocious of Fugglers…

If you’re still here, can we ask you why? Just kidding, all Fugglers need someone willing to sacrifice their own happiness for these adorable toothy misfits… So thank you, and good luck!

Take a look at each of our Fugglers here:

And here’s an example of what you’ll be letting yourself in for…

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