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Whimsical wildlife!

March 20, 2019

Happy Birthday animated bear

Perfect presents to spark an interest in animals on your little one’s birthday

to last a lifetime


You can’t escape it. Almost every other headline you read nowadays talks about the impact of global warming, the danger this poses to our plant, and of course, the risk to the species that inhabit it.


Known as The Attenborough Effect thanks to hit programmes like Blue Planet and Planet Earth, more and more people are becoming conscious of their footprint on the planet, with parents doing more to help teach their children about the world we live in and why it’s super important to protect the natural environment.


Of course, we think ‘start them young’ is a great policy towards such a worthy cause, but who says your little wildlife warriors can’t have a little bit of whimsical play too, as they learn about the natural world around them? So as the kids in your family and friendship circles start to reach major milestones in their lives like birthdays and other special occasions, what better reason to gift them some gorgeous playmates that not only make the perfect present, but are bound to spark their interest in animals while nurturing their imagination too.


Take a look at this lovely llama. Super cute, soft to touch with its woolly coat and wonderfully whimsical too, our Sugar Plum Purple Llamacorn has a gorgeous lilac tone to its body, with rainbow-coloured hooves, horn and big bushy tail. If purple isn’t quite your little person’s colour, then how about our Cotton Candy Turquoise Llamacorn? With the same gorgeous rainbow-coloured features, the body of this soft toy is a lovely mint green hue.


Of course, if you really want to step up the whimsical side of things and spark your little one’s imagination while helping them to learn about animals, wildlife and the natural world around them, then our Llamacorn with Wings is the perfect playmate! Presented in a pretty pink tone, in addition to the rainbow-coloured features as with our other lovely llamas, this llamacorn can literally whisk your little one off into a magical world of fantasy, with its rainbow-coloured wings sitting proudly at the base of its long and elegant neck.


If your little one isn’t a fan of farm yard animals like llamas, why not treat them to the purrrrfect gift with a gorgeous animal a little closer to home? Our Shimmer Caticorn Soft Toy is totally adorable with its rainbow-coloured fur, bright pink fluffy tail, and silver shimmering unicorn horn on top of its head. A great gift to give to little ones, our Shimmer Caticorn Soft Toy is also a brilliant way to start a conversation about cats – whether they’re pets around the home or great beasts like tigers roaming the jungle. 


And speaking of the jungle, if your little one is fan of far flung places, adventure and exploration, then our Dazzle Slothicorn Soft Toy is sure to be a big hit at home! Featuring a super cute face, this pale blue sloth has been doused with a mix of magic, turning it into a unicorn too. With a rainbow coloured horn and bright pink mane, this is the perfect mix of wildlife, whimsy and wonder all rolled into one!


Taking a trip away from the canopies of the rainforests of Central and South America where you’d normally find our slow-moving-mate the sloth, and heading over to the mountainous regions of China, if your children are fans of all things big and cuddly (did we mention super cute too?), then they are going to love our Glitz Panadcorn Soft Toy.


While no longer considered an endangered species, it’s still super important for little ones to know how precious animals in the wild are, and help them to learn how they can play their part in protecting them for generations to come. Our Glitz Panadcorn Soft Toy can do just that – with a healthy dose of imagination too! A lovely purple plush, this panda has been turned into a unicorn with his rainbow-coloured horn and coordinating wings.


Of course, if you want to gift a child a birthday present that will help to spark an interest in all-things animals and wildlife but is perhaps a little more traditional than llamas, cats, sloths and pandas being magically transformed into mystical characters, then take a look at Happy Birthday! The Animated Bear. A super cute brown bear wearing a polka dot patterned party hat atop with a pom-pom while holding a birthday cake, at the push of a button, the bear sings a happy birthday song and sways along to the music with synchronized mouth and body movement. And yes, we know… while this soft toy is perhaps a little more realistic to its counterpart in wilds of America, we get it that real brown bears don’t actually sing happy birthday to you on special occasions!


So there you have it! If you’re looking to give a little one a gorgeous gift on their birthday that will spark an interest in the world they’re growing up in and the animals around them, not just on their birthday but for years and years to come, these perfect plushes will do just that, while giving hugs which last a lifetime too.

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