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Why is Pusheen the Cat So Popular?

February 19, 2019

Why is Pusheen the Cat So Popular?

Pusheen is now officially the most well-known cat on the internet. From plush toys to stationary, t-shirts to socks, her slightly plump and entirely adorable face can be found on almost anything. Pusheen was first brought to life in 2010 when she was created by artist Claire Belton and her partner, Andrew Duff. What started as a comic strip quickly became an iconic fixture on the internet and, from there, a media empire packed with merchandise and hilarious memes was formed.


Fans are advised to grab a Pusheen before they are all gone since new products can sell out in days, thanks to her 5.5 million Facebook fans who simply can’t get enough of the chubby cat and her lazy ways. Limited edition Pusheen soft plush and other collectibles are popular with Pusheen lovers from around the world. Fans can engage with Pusheen on a daily basis across a wide range of different social media channels. Facebook has revealed that over 10 million Pusheen “stickers” were used in posts on its site last year. But why is Pusheen the Cat so popular? Here are three reasons why we think Pusheen is simply irresistible.


  1. Pusheen Has a Human Personality

Pusheen may be a cat, but she has a depth of personality not usually seen in cartoon animals. Pusheen is slightly overweight, loves to eat, and she’s sometimes a little lazy, preferring to relax on the sofa. Her adventures don’t end there, however. She appears in cartoon form at hitting the gym, riding a scooter, and typing on her laptop computer. Effectively, Pusheen is just like most of us! One of the main keys to the characters success is that she’s so relatable.


One of the aspects of Pusheen’s personality that has an almost universal appeal is her passion for snacks. From chocolate to ice cream, pizza to cheeseburgers, the snacks that Pusheen is passionate about are those we all want to indulge in. She isn’t afraid to admit when she’s hungry which is a refreshing change from our daily lives that tend to emphasise diets and health foods. The human aspects of her personality are what make Pusheen so relatable. If she was simply a cat behaving like a cat, no matter how cute she was, then it is unlikely that her adventures would be so beloved.


  1. Pusheen Cares

Pusheen doesn’t live in a vacuum. She shares her life with her siblings and friends. She helps to remind us that the only thing better than enjoying our favourite shows on the television is sharing them with someone else. Curled up in front of the television while sharing a bowl of popcorn is quality time that we all can appreciate. Pusheen takes time out from her busy napping schedule to bake with her sister, Stormy, so that they can enjoy tasty treats later. Activities done together are so much more fun and helping Stormy learn to bake is a gift that will continue to help her little sister as she goes through life.


Pusheen likes different adventures but does everything in a kind way. She can bring her same happiness to a walk through a pumpkin patch, dressing as a detective, or snuggling into the couch for a much-deserved snack and nap.


  1. Purely Adorable

Viewing cute images and videos of things such as animals and children generally leaves us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. We tend to want to share this joy with others by passing around the content that we have found so appealing. Because Pusheen is so shareable, millions of people around the world discovered her appeal. Her cartoons help us to celebrate our favourite occasions from birthdays to Christmas. Thanks to the wealth of Pusheen products to buy, we can add her special flare to our daily lives, even when we aren’t online.


It's no wonder Pusheen fan clubs are popular with groups hosting events where they can meet up, bring their favourite Pusheen plush toys, and spend time with like-minded people. Pusheen can make a trip to buy cupcakes an adventure. A boring day at work can be given an extra spark of fun by sipping tea from a Pusheen mug. Facing time at the gym or biking around our neighbourhoods can suddenly seem a little better with the addition of a Pusheen water bottle or a Pusheen coin purse along for the ride. In our busy lives, Pusheen reminds us to continue appreciating the small things that can make us smile.

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