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Wonderful Christmas Gifts Children (and You!) Will Love

December 12, 2018

Wonderful Christmas Gifts Children (and You!) Will Love

Make the festive season magical with the gift of GUND! Learn more about great gifts for the children in your life. Here’s how to make their festive season special with the cuddly GUND gifts for Christmas 2018.



In a world full of flashy video games and pre-programmed entertainment, our Baby GUND collection of soft toys provides simple joys to children and their families. We offer a range of cuddly GUND gifts for Christmas 2018 that can provide soft friends for your children to spend quality time with throughout the year. A cheery unicorn could become a buddy who lasts a lifetime and endless childhood adventures might be undertaken with a GUND bear as a friendly sidekick.


Cosy for Christmas

The festive season is a wonderful time for children and families. Keep in mind, however, that very young children can be a bit overwhelmed by the disruption of their routines. The arrival of additional family members, friends, and decorations can be thrilling or cause some stress. Some children may delight in loud toys while others might be bothered by new noises in their environment.


To make sure the Christmas season is a fun and stress-free as possible for wee ones in your house. Introducing children to a snuggly new friend before the festivities kick into high gear can provide kids with a safe, quiet way to participate in the season. It can also serve as a gentle introduction to the season so you can help children understand what to expect in the coming days or weeks. For example, the GUND Merry Christmas Lovey Santa Bear combines an adorable, cuddly bear wearing a Santa hat with a snuggly security blanket. This bear can be perfect for any child but particularly for children who could use a little extra comfort for the festive season. Even a change to winter clothing can be an adjustment for some children. GUND Blizzard Bear in Ear Muffs sets a fine example for kids since even a polar bear sometimes needs ear muffs to protect him or her from the cold.


Learning to Learn

For Christmas you want to give gifts they’ll love but you might want to encourage their interests and a love of learning. The GUND Dino Chatter Assortment provides Cuddly soft squeeze toys to help children actively enjoy their love of dinosaurs. Each of these GUND Dinos makes a noise and the set of three can have plenty of adventures together. This could then prompt a greater appreciation for various areas of science. Who knows where else this interest in learning and discovery could lead them as they mature and explore?


Another direction to take if you want to set children up for lifetime learning is to interest them in reading. Purchasing books for them is a great start. Look for age-appropriate books on a range of subjects. In addition, take time to read to them or listen to them read. This can create more interest than simply giving them books.


You can add an extra component to the reading experience by giving them soft plush toys that go with the books. Buy a set of Peter Rabbit books to give to them along with adorable plush versions of Peter Rabbit and his family and friends. Cultivate an interest in a broad assortment of four-legged friends by giving them a book on animals togther with a plush elephant or panda. From there you can encourage them to learn more about the lands where those animals live. Maps are another great gift to prompt curious minds to want to discover more about the world around them. You can put the maps up on the wall so you can show the children where each type of animal lives. From there you can use the maps to discuss places where you’ve travelled, where your ancestors came from, or places where historical events took place. 


New Friends

The children on your shopping list might already have a few plush toys as friends. That means you might want to be more creative when buying them more. For example, if you are buying for a nephew or grandchild, you might not know what toys they have on hand or what other people will give them for Christmas. In those cases, you might want to venture beyond the bears that children love but already own. For example, the GUND Flamingo can be a dashing addition to the family. Her cute pink bow makes it clear that she is no ordinary flamingo. Meanwhile, she’s as soft and fluffy as you’d expect from GUND. She sure to make a wonderful addition to any child’s flock of toys.

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