Check out Wiggles .... Due in Stock March 3rd

January 31, 2017

Check out Wiggles .... Due in Stock March 3rd


Gund is proud to present Wiggles the Sleepy Snoring Pig Animated. Wiggles has one play mode. Plays for 40 seconds when you press his foot to begin one of following five play scripts, I think it's time for my nap , Grummm grumm grummm Grumble| ... just a few more minutes... , Pigging out is hard work. I think I deserve a little break, Should I nap? Or eat? Decisions, decisions... , Hmmmghhh, Snort, Grummm grumm grummm Grumble ... where's the snooze button? Wait, what time is it?. 3 x AA batteries included. Item is suitable for age 3+, surface washable and CE marked

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